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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When to file Form 5500 - Schedule I

Instructions and Help about When to file Form 5500 - Schedule I

Good morning everyone and thank you for joining us my name is Jason Cogdill I'm a benefits attorney for pro benefits and I'm here with Chris McCauley and this is our May edition of our monthly webinar series we've had great participation for our webinars so far this year both the full regular monthly webinars and some of our new short mini webinar sessions that we presented on several topics so thank you for joining us hope these sessions have been helpful for you and if you have any specific requests or feedback regarding the content of these sessions feel free to share it with Chris or with me and and we'll be happy to do our best to continue to make these sessions a helpful for you but thanks for your participation and good feedback so far this year our June session will be on June 16th and will be a session with an update on Cobra compliance again that will be June 16th at 11:00 a.m. and you'll hear more about that another upcoming session soon and you can always check the status of our past current or future webinars at pro benefits comm very quick word of instruction for today we will be taking questions you can submit those through the question box on the control panel and we'll get back get the most of those during the session if we don't get to them during the session we'll get to them afterward and also if you have any problems during the session regarding volume hearing clearly me or Chris you may want to just log out and log back in real quickly unfortunately our connection is only as good as the internet connection through GoToWebinar so if you have any problems just either switch the phone and dial in by phone or refresh your mic and speakers an internet connection and hopefully that will improve it our goal for today as we talk about form 5500 compliance and form 55 reporting for Health and Welfare plans our goal is mainly twofold number one we want to provide an update you know on these requirements and kind of the status of what the DOL is doing and also a refresher for you on these requirements to make sure that your organization is in compliance and that there's there's nothing you need to or if there is something you need to do to make an adjustment to get in compliance that we hope you identify that and certainly we are available because this is one of the compliance services that we offer to assist you with form 5500 compliance your questions are welcome and I hope this session will be helpful for you the the context of the session in particularly the timing we typically do a 5500 webinar each year about this time because this is basically form 5500 season calendar year form 5500 you know mini plans not all many of you have non calendar.


Do municipalities have to file form 5500 to the IRS in the US? Why?
The instructions (Page on dol.gov) specifically exempts government plans.u00a0 I cannot address why, perhaps because they operate as non-profits.
What form does a LLC have to file if it becomes a disregarded entity in the middle of a tax year, Form 1065 or Schedule C?
Both. If a partnership ends because a partner or partners leave and there's one remaining person owning the entity, then the partnership files a 1065 for the period of time that there were multiple people involved, and then a Schedule C for the remaining period when only one owner was left.These business tax returns will each be for part of the year. This is designated with dates at the top of the 1065 and the Schedule C will be marked as a u201cfirst time filingu201d for this business.
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