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Who would win, Iron Man’s Hulkbuster or Iron Man’s Thorbuster/Model 23?
This is a hard one, simply for the fact that both of these armors are designed to take on beings that are far beyond human strength. There have also been multiple versions of the Hulkbuster, so its hard to nail down exactly who would win.(My information on some of these events are extremely lacking. If anyone has any more info once this answer is posted, please feel free to leave comments and I will update accordingly)Let’s take the strongest form of the Hulkbuster armor, the Hulkbuster Mark II used in World War Hulk (at least my suspected strongest form, the Internet is pretty unclear about how much each model can actually take):This bad boy managed to fight Hulk to a standstill while in his Green Scar form, and would most likely have won if he’d been able to inject Hulk with the nanites that were supposed to suppress his gamma creation, however, someone had stolen the nanites, meaning nothing was being injected when he stuck Hulk with the needle.EDIT: After a long hiatus on this answer, Ben Nelson has corrected some of my incorrect assumptions, and made me redo the math :P Thanks Ben! XDI will leave the original World Breaker Hulk calculations at the bottom for anyone who still wants them.Now that we have the CORRECTED greatest guaranteed feat from Green Scar Hulk, here we go.Greatest feat: Punched Sentry hard enough to break his nose and crack his facial bones, destroying a large high-rise in the process.The building in question is shown here first:Here is the building from a better angle after Sentry uppercuts Hulk and obliterates the building:So yeah, we are looking at an estimated 10 story building, guessing an apartment complex (I am assuming some floors were cut off in that last page, simply because it is rare to find a 7 story tall building).So, as I said in the original answer, this will require a LOT of assumptions, but here is my best guess:Typical slab/floor thickness in buildings?Generally speaking a concrete residential highrise is 7-8" slabs, office are 9-10" and hotels somewhere in between.Per Coldrsx on the above website.So, we are going to be dealing with steel-reinforced concrete in 8? slabs for this answer, as this is the common construction technique in New York.https://shop.iccsafe.org/media/w...Based on this handy PDF, we can guess they are using concrete equivalent to what they call “reinforced steel beams, slabs, columns and walls”. The psi strength is rated between 4000 and 7000 psi. We are going to go with 5500 as an average on a beam that is 6 inches wide. Based on fractions, we can calculate the psi for our residential thickness slab to be about 7333 psi (I know this isn’t perfectly accurate, this is just REALLY estimated).Using this number, we can estimate how much force was produced by the SHOCKWAVE of Hulk’s punch. We will take half the force required as Sentry was flying at him at a high speed, and we can assume Newton’s third law:For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.Newton's Three Laws of MotionThis resulting answer does NOT take into account the difference between the punch and the shockwave in force, simply because that is some SUPER complex math that I do not currently know :PThis is also striking force more so than lifting, something I hadn’t thought about when I first wrote this answer.Assuming Hulk landed approximately in the middle of the building, so the fifth floor (assuming he fell through one or two when he hit), and estimating the width of the building based on the average New York City block (as seen, it has roads running along each side of it, so we can estimate based on it’s approximately square shape that it is 264 ft. square. City block - Wikipedia), we have a surface area of each floor is about 69,696 feet square, or 10,036,224 inches square.Here is an image of basically how the shockwave is expanding inside the building:The shockwave is spherical, and it is expanding within the building, as we can see the sides are bulging out a bit too.Going from here, we can use our previously calculated force to calculate the overall shockwave’s power.The actual sphere’s diameter is about 264 feet wide, since it reaches the edges of the building. The disk area of the EXPLOSION on the fifth floor is then 7,833,219.84 in^2.The area on the sixth floor is 7,697,571.84 in^2.The area on the seventh floor is 7,471,491.84 in^2.The area on the eighth floor is 7,154,979.84 in^2.The area on the ninth floor is 6,748,035.84 in^2.The area on the roof (tenth floor) is 6,250,659.84 in^2.Basically, Hulk had to punch Sentry with enough force that the shockwave still had enough energy to break the roof’s area AFTER going through the other four floors between the epicenter and the roof. Taking that idea, we get:Force at the 10th floor had to be greater than approximately 45,836,088,606.72 lbs., or 22,918,044 tons.Force at 9th floor had to be greater than about 49,483,344,174.84 lbs. or 24,741,672 tons.Force at 8th floor had to be greater than about 52,467,467,166.72? lbs. or 26,233,733 tons.Force at the 7th floor had to be greater than about 54,788,449,662.72 lbs. or 27,394,224 tons.Force at the 6th floor had to be greater than about 56,446,294,302.72 lbs. or 28,223,147 tons.That means, BARE MINIMUM, Hulk produced about 259,021,643,913.72? lbs. or 129,510,821 tons to destroy the building as shown. Now, the margin for error is HUGE on these calculations, but the essence is still there. And this would match with his other feats, namely his fight with Iron Man:Bringing down the Sentry’s Watchtower (Location) (also known as Stark Tower) and cracking the earth.Of course, these are just the SHOCKWAVES that were produced. Upon impact, Green Scar’s fist would’ve had to have been moving supersonically and strongly to PRODUCE that shockwave. That is a whole other set of calculations that I’m not wanting to get into though, but it is safe to assume that only a quarter of the force in the impact was converted into that shockwave. Most of it was converted to heat (hence, the “explosion”), but that means Hulk probably punched Sentry with over 1 TRILLION lbs. of force, or about half a billion tons. If not more, depending a lot on the thermodynamic properties produced during impact.But suffice it to say, Hulkbuster had to be competing with that sort of energy to fight Hulk.It also had to be moving beyond supersonically to be able to keep up with him, possibly even hypersonically.Those are the feats of the Hulkbuster Mark II.Sources:what's Hulk's greatest feat of strength/power an' durability - Hulk - Comic VineIron Man's armor - WikipediaWorld Breaker Hulk • The Immortal Iron HulkThe Incredible Hulk vs. The Invincible Iron Man (World War Hulk)(Again, I apologize for all the assumptions, I am trying to be as realistic as I can be. And any comments or info would be appreciated)Now lets move on to the Thorbuster:A combination of Tony’s tech and Asgardian magic and armor, this suit was designed to go toe-to-toe with the SkyFather form of Thor, his strongest form in which his strength is multiplied innumerable times. And it managed to hold Thor off while the rest of the Avengers got Asgardian gear. He did eventually lose, but not without a good fight. In his base form, Thor can move billions of times the speed of light, can lift over 20 planets of Earth’s size, has lifted the Midgard serpent with a fishing rod, and tanked the impact of a neutron star.What are some noteworthy feats that Thor has done in the comics?SUPERHERO FEATS: ThorThat means he can lift over 2.634x10^26 in his base form just on the planet feat alone, and as someone has pointed out, the Midgard serpent can be assumed to be coiled around the Earth, meaning it had its muscle strength resisting Thor. Based on the Anaconda, the heaviest snake in the world, it can constrict to over 16 times its own body weight in strength. Assuming that multiplier (I would imagine the Midgard serpent would be higher but we just have no idea how much it might be), that means Thor lifted over 105 sextillion tons of force!!! Not bad for just base form him!:Thor's Greatest Feat of Physical Strength Made Even Greater - Thor - Comic VineNow, note that these are in his BASE form. We really have no idea how much his multiplier is in that form. So it may or may not be up to millions of times more powerful or it may just be a few hundred. We just don’t know.What I want to point out is the speed though. Thor moves BILLIONS of times the speed of light with Mjonir. And he was fighting Iron Man at those speeds. Which means the suit is capable of it too.While Iron Man did not win, the fact he managed to keep up with Thor is beyond impressive.SOOOOOOOOOOOO on to my final answer!!!Who would win between the Hulkbuster and the Thorbuster?Hulkbuster is completely outmatched, unlike my original answer that placed it as a close one (thanks Ben!). It is only hypersonic, where as MINIMUM the Thorbuster would have to move near the speed of light to be able to match Skyfather Thor. Thorbuster also has to be significantly stronger. Considering BASE Thor can lift entire planets, Skyfather Thor is even stronger, meaning the suit has to withstand and give back just as much. It is powered by an Asgardian power crystal too, which gives it a massive leg up on the Hulkbuster as well.So the final verdict is Thorbuster would get a handy win over the Hulkbuster. While both are massively strong and tough, the Thorbuster faced a far tougher faster, and stronger opponent than its Hulkbuster cousin.Either way, these are far more impressive pieces of armor than people give them credit for, since they were eventually beaten. The fact Tony even managed to build tech that could get to these levels of destruction is pretty darn impressive if you asked me.Note: Thank you to all upvoters! I worked very hard on this answer, so I appreciate them a lot!EDIT:Here are the original calculations and assumptions for World Breaker Hulk:That means this armor was hitting and taking hits from a character who literally blew up a planet when he was fighting Red She Hulk just from the gamma-energized sonic boom:Yes, that’s them colliding and destroying a planet. I can’t find any info on how big the planet actually was, but I’m going to lowball and go with Earth-sized (that planet looks way bigger than that, so please bear with my assumptions). Assuming just Earth size, that means they had to together produce 2x10^32 Joules of energy at a MINIMUM.Source:How much energy would be required to destroy the planet?Since Hulk won, we can only assume he probably produced more of the energy than Red She-Hulk, but we will just go with perfectly one half to low-ball it. That’s 1x10^32, or 1 with 32 zeros after it. That was Hulk at his MAXIMUM. Now, Iron Man’s Mark II Hulkbuster armor did not fight him at that full potential, but considering the fact he lasted the longest out of the Illuminati and nearly managed to put him down, this suit is pretty strong. Let’s just assume Hulk while fighting Iron Man was using a tenth of his full assumed potential. That’s approximately 1x10^31 (wow one zero removed! Score!). Potential energy is given by E=mgh. Assuming Hulk’s lifting stance would lift an object up to about 25 ft (according to my research he fluxuates between 15ft and 25 ft, so we will say he is about 20 ft tall and lifting something over his head will be 25 ft, just for assumptions). So our equation is 1x10^32 J = m*(9.8 m/s/s)*(7.62 m). That means his lifting mass is about 1.34x10^29 kg, or 2.95x10^29 pounds. That's SEXTILLIONS of tons. More specifically, it is 295,275,590 sextillion tons!!! So yeah, this Hulkbuster armor was taking hits from that level or below…and SURVIVING and GIVING just as much. A rocket-propelled punch from this suit could throw Hulk as far as 7 miles.
What is the process to get a shop act license in any city from Maharashtra?
For Shop Act in Maharashtra (for what i know) is completely online now. All you need is the prerequisite details for your business, support documents, some money in bank, internet connection and you are done in less than 7-days flat!! I have known few people who have 3500/- INR to 5500/- INR for ShopACT registrations - and here you are getting done in 200–500/- INR!! Money of Knowledge!For Step wise process - go to: Step By Step Process for ShopAct registration all details are covered in details.The outline process:Create Account with Labour Department - Licence Management SystemPrepare the Prerequisite documents/ pics (figures in the bracket indicate file size)Annexure - for premises of Establishment (photograph of your work place)Annexure A self declaration ( 75KB to 100KB) format given of left side of webpage - Download from Government portalAnnexure B self declaration for attestation ( 75KB to 100KB) format given of left side of webpage - Download from Government portalAnnexure C under taking ( 75KB to 100KB) format given of left side of webpage - Download from Government portalPhoto (20KB to 30KB)Signature (9KB to 15KB)Proof of Identity of Applicant ( copy of Driving Licence, Passport, Aadhar Card, PAN Card) ( 75KB to 100KB)Address Proof (Electricity Bill, Property Tax Paid, Receipt, Sale / Purchase Deed, Society Maintenance Receipt, Telephone Bill) ( 75KB to 100KB)Fill in the registration form -Shop and Establishment RegistrationPlease be aware of the Office Name before even you start it (not much of confusion but your area of office dominates this point)Submit, this will complete your process for Submitting the first stageYou will now be able to see the Status of your recently applied registration - HomeYou will see that the portal is asking for Upload Documents - Open thisUpload all the required documents - Click Upload DocumentsAgain on your Home, you will see Pay Fees - Open thisPay your amount through various options availableNow the status will be under scrutiny - along side Expected Date would be shownMostly you get the same in 3–4days, however SLA is 7 daysIf Rejected - you will receive a mail with a reason for the sameRectify the same and reapplyEureka…. your ShopAct registration is done!Download the certificate, print and paste it on some wall, just after entrance, showcase, notice board - clear visibility to Labour InspectorThere would be times when it may get delayed for whatever reason, you can appeal from the within the Home screen - requesting for action on the pending scrutiny - if Still No reaction - better visit the Office ASAP (same address you selected…!!).You can make changes (amendments) to your information provided (not all but most) flow the same process.The most trickier part is the Size of your Files which are to be uploaded - They have to be within the size that has given by LMS - Kindly upload scanned copy of documents (File format - jpg/ jpeg, png, pdf and Size jpg/jpeg, png should be minimum 75kb and maximum 100kb and Size of pdf should be less than 512kb)For Step wise process - go to: Step By Step Process for ShopAct registration all details are covered in details.
Has the IIFT 2022 exam been postponed?
Hey!IIFT exam has been scheduled on 02 December 2022. IIFT invites application forms for the admission in MBA 2019–21 batch at New Delhi, Kolkata & Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh).Important Dates of IIFT 2018Online Registration Starts- 7th August 2022. TuesdayOnline Registration Closes- 14th September 2022. FridayAdmit Card Release- 16th November 2022. FridayCAT 2022 Exam- 2nd December 2022. SundayHere is the screenshot of official notification-Registration Fee Category WiseSC, ST, and PWD- Rs. 825Gen & other categories- Rs. 1650Foreign National/NRI candidates- US$ 85 (INR 5500)SyllabusSyllabus of IIFT exam is similar to CAT exam but this exam has another one section that is General Knowledge. See the detail syllabus of each section of CAT here- CAT Syllabus 2022 - Complete Details of Topics required for CAT ExamIf you looking Online Course for CAT preparation than go for given link- Online CAT Coaching Course for CAT 2022 Exam Preparation . Here you will find best online course with amazing features.Let’s talk about GK section of this exam. Some of following topics that will ask in GK section of IIFT exam:Current Affairs (Generic, business, Awards, Sports etc.)Business & Economy (Terms and organization)Brands / CompaniesBooksGeographySocial Welfare (Policies, Environment, Clean Energy)HistoryScienceOnline course will be the best option for preparation of this GK section. Although you have to pay (approx Rs 500) for these online course but these courses will give you some fruitful results. Handa Ka Funda provides best GK course for IIFT, XAT, SNAP. This online course is popular among students due to following amazing features of this course-Factopedias • Video TutorialsBusiness Awareness DocumentsStatic General KnowledgeMonthly Current AffairsGK Test SeriesDownloadable PDFs of Past Year PapersValid till 31 March 2019Demo Video- General KnowledgeLowest Price- Available in Rs 499 only, lowest price in marketPrevious Year Paper- General Knowledge for XAT IIFT (GK) Question Bank - Previous Year Papers Free PDF for DownloadHopefully this answer will help you.Good luck for your bright future.Jai Hind!
Why do people like the Aam Aadmi Party? They have disrupted public life and broken their promises in order to fulfill their ambition.
This is one of the easiest questions I've answered on Quora.I'll lay down my reasons for preferring the AAP over others. I believe some of these resonate across the spectrum of people voting for the AAP.Transparency - This is the first national party in India which reveals the source of its funding. No other national party has done so, even now. I cannot imagine why, unless they have something they need to hide.Inclusionary politics - Their style of politics is truly democratic. They wish to empower the people and include them in their decision-making process. Here's an example of that - Mohalla Politics and The AAP.Clean, honest politics - The AAP does not provide tickets to convicts. It has historically revoked tickets of candidates found to be criminal or corrupt. This is something that every political party needs to emulate.Straight talk - One of the most refreshing things about the AAP is the way they field interviews and questions. Their responses are always direct, to the point and actually answer the question, unlike responses from other political parties.Priority to issues over ideology - Until now, Indian politics has long been a hostage of parties that harp about ideology instead of solving real issues. The AAP has often reiterated that their focus is on solving problems rather than sticking to ideologies.Beyond caste and communalism - The AAP's avoidance of caste and communalism-based politics is another thing which I find extremely refreshing about it.Hope - And finally, all the above points combine to give me hope. Hope for Indian politics and the future of this country. Hope that things can actually improve. Hope that we have been given an alternative which is more than just the lesser of two evils. This is why I like the AAP.Thanks for the A2A.
What is the best smartphone to buy below 10k rupees?
When you are buying an affordable phone, compromises are almost always involved. However, the number of trade-offs involved while buying an affordable phone these days has surprisingly reduced.Baring the camera (and flare, maybe) affordable phones are now good enough to satisfy generic consumer needs. So, if you have been searching for the best available option under 10,000 INR, here are a few things you should know.1.Xiaomi Redmi Note 5The Redmi Note 5, which is the rebranded version of Redmi 5 Plus, adds a trendy full-view (18:9) screen to the last years• bestseller Redmi Note 4.The new screen makes Note 5 look refreshing from the front, but it’s mostly the same old story on the rear. Other hardware remains mostly similar. The base variant of Redmi Note 5 comes with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, and 4000mAh battery. If you are looking for a phone under 10K and can manage with 32GB of storage, you can go ahead with the Note 5.2- Motorola Moto G5 PlusMotorola Moto G5 Plus (faq) might not be the best-looking smartphone under 10,000 but it is certainly a worthy contender to be placed on this list of the best phone within Rs. 10000 budget (the phone was originally launched for 16,999 INR).The phone comes with a metal body and was one of the first few phones to come with Android Nougat out of the box. The Moto G5 Plus (camera review) will appeal to those who have small palms as it boasts of a compact 5.2-inch IPS LCD display with a full-HD resolution. The phone comes with 2GHz octa-core Snapdragon 625 chipset with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage. It is also one of the best camera phones under 10,000 INR.3- Lenovo K8 PlusLenovo also pushed out quite a few competitive offerings this year including the K8 Plus (faq). Features that helped the K8 Plus (review) make the cut include vanilla Android, dual cameras, and its massive 4000mAh battery.The phone has a compact 5.2-inch full HD display with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The phones include 13MP+5MP cameras where the secondary camera is used for depth sensing.4.Xiaomi Redmi 4Xiaomi Redmi 4 (faq) is another winner from the company. The phone serves as a more compact alternative to Redmi Note 4 and is clearly one of the best selling phones on Amazon.The Redmi 4 comes with a 5-inch HD display with 1280 x 720 resolution. Like Redmi Note 4, it too gets 2.5D glass on top of the display. It rocks a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 chipset along with Adreno 505 GPU 2GB/ 3GB/ 4 GB of RAM. It also benefits from a massive and assuring 4000mAh battery.5. Nokia 3Nokia 3The Nokia 3 certainly one of the best looking phone under Rs. 10,000 bucks. It is an entry segment offering from the comeback brand doesn’t really pack the most powerful innards but it is good enough to meet the requirements of a basic user, particularly those who are buying from offline stores.The phone comes with a 5-inch 720p display and it runs stock android out of the box. The battery life is not as good as the competition and lack of fingerprint sensor is another shortcoming of the phone.6. Xiaomi Redmi 5AThe Redmi 5A (faq) is a successor to the Xiaomi’s popular entry-grade smartphone Redmi 4A. The phone offers reasonable performance and battery life when you keep its price in the mind.Its aggressive pricing makes it an interesting buy. In terms of specifications, it is almost the re-branded version of the Redmi 4A. It packs a Snapdragon 425 inside along with 2GB/ 3GB of RAM and 16GB /32GB storage. If you wish to buy a Redmi 5A we suggest you to opt for 3GB RAM and 32GB storage variant.7. Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie ZB553KLTaiwanese tech giant Asus also makes the cut with its Zenfone 4 Selfie (review) single cam variant. Asus has targeted this phone towards youth who are enthusiasts about selfies. Even though it is not as powerful as the Redmi Note 4 and Moto G5 Plus it is competent enough to handle most basic tasks well.It comes with a 13MP selfie camera which has portrait mode and there is a ‘SelfieMaster• application which allows you to beautify live videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps.8. Redmi Y1Xiaomi recently joined the selfie game with its new Redmi Y1 (review). What sets it apart from Xiaomi’s other phones under Rs. 10,000 is its bigger 5.5-inch display size and the 13 MP high-resolution Selfie camera.Otherwise, its specs are identical to Redmi 4. The phone comes with Snapdragon 435 SoC, 3080mAh battery and native support for 4G VoLTE. Another advantage it has is the dedicated microSD card slot.9. Micromax Canvas InfinityThe Micromax Canvas Infinity (first impressions) became the first 18:9 display phone to debut under Rs. 10,000. It has 5.7-inch slim bezel display, decent camera, removable battery and dedicated sim slots that makes it a decent offering for the budget.Having said that, it is powered by Snapdragon 425 chipset and if you are planning to enjoy graphic-intensive, in that case, Redmi Note 4 will be a better option. Also, its display isn’t the sharpest one in this budget.10. Honor 9 LiteThe honor 9 Lite (Review) is worth considering if you are looking for a good looking phone. While, it can’t quite match up to the likes of Redmi Note 4 in terms of performance, but it can muster enough force to handle basic and moderate user requirements.The premium glass body display and good quality full-view display make it stand out. The base honor 9 lite variant is powered by Kirin 960 chipset paired with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. It runs Android Oreo-based software out of the box.11. Infocus Vision 3Infocus Vision 3 (review) is another option that comes with 18:9 aspect ratio display. It is the cheapest 18:9 display phone that you can buy today. The phone has an 82.4 percent screen to body ratio, dual cameras and 4000mAh battery that (on paper) definitely looks tempting. That’s not all the budget phone also features a fingerprint sensor mounted at the rear and company is already working on adding Face unlock via software update.
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